Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Engage Me!!!

I found this gem while scrolling through one of my favourite websites, YouTube. I was so excited that I instantly tweeted about it and discussed my findings to my technology class. This video is of primary students who attend Robin Hood elementary school in Birmingham. The header alone entitled, "Engage Me" says it all as students are desperate to be enthralled while they attend school and sit in a desk for countless hours. As promised in my last post, I  said that I would try and provide authentic accounts of children and youth and this next video delivers just that. While you watch the video, you understand that the children are using posters instead of their voices to get their message across. Personally, I think this is a very intriguing way of filming as it portrays a much more powerful message. I think it speaks to the level of frustration that children feel when they can not access technology at school while growing up in the 21st century. This is made clear at the very beginning of the video as one students poster says, "I am a 21st century learner". This two minute video speaks volumes as countless children express their need to use technology in the classroom as a learning device.

Through the use of computers, iPods, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts and blogging students voices are becoming very public but more importantly they are becoming stronger. Students want their voice heard and technology can give them that power. Throughout the video, you will read excellent questions that the students are asking their audience. But the critical point of this video is when students are asking to be involved and to actively participate in their own learning. I think this is incredibly important to highlight as we want students to be excited about their learning thus, why not engage them in a learning task that involves some form of technology? As future educators, we need to understand that if we want the respect of our students then we have to provide them with respect in terms of how they want to be engaged within the classroom and with the world.

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