Thursday, February 2, 2012

EDUBlog Reflection

Personally, creating an education classroom blog was very exciting! I wanted to make my blog as interactive as possible. Meaning that I wanted to engage not only the students but also the parents in their involvement with their child's education and learning process. This experience of working with this type of artifact was very rewarding as I felt that I had an audience to speak to and a very important one at that. It was fun to think that I was providing parents a safe and comfortable space for parents to engage in material and discuss what was important to them but also their children. I also learned the importance of breaking down and decoding the curriculum. Not only does this help the parents but it also helps students better understand the purpose of their learning. Decoding the Ministry's language breaks the barrier of any confusion it may entail.

Blogging is incredibly applicable to our future careers in education and teaching. I will use this technology in my future classroom as a tool to communicate with parents to create a strong parent teacher bond/relationship. I will also use it as a teaching tool for students in terms of providing fun and educational websites that can foster their learning and growth in a particular unit. This tool is a great way to post assignments and remind students of any quiz's and/or tests. Also, if students have any questions they are able to post them on the blog. It is a 24/7 teaching resource! What could be better?!

This technology could be used for any subject and any grade throughout the education system. It could be integrated with Twitter, GooglePlus, Google Doc and Facebook.

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