Monday, February 6, 2012

E-Book Reflection

During my time on Twitter every Wednesday night, I participate in #ntchats. This past Wednesday I clicked on a link that sounded very intriguing. An educator posted a classroom scrapbook that she had made using a wonderful device called "Mixbook". Discovering "Mixbook" was a blessing for a technology junkie such as, myself. From this artifact I learned that you could create an online scrapbook, which you could share with the world. "Mixbook" allows you to integrate pictures, stickers, clipart, borders and text to create a master piece. A unique aspect to "Mixbook" is that a group of users can individually log in to work collaboratively on a project, easily sharing pictures and creative ideas.

This aspect alone is a perfect example of how "Mixbook" would be an excellent instructional tool for the classroom. Not only can educators use this artifact to share with their students and parents but students themselves can engage in a collaborative project online. Integrating technology into any lesson using "Mixbook" would be appropriate.  For language, students could create a photo timeline based on the events in a story that the class is reading. "Mixbook" not only creates scrapbooks but you can also make calendars, cook books, photo albums and year books. Having students create a yearbook would be a great end of the year collaborative project.

"Mixbook" can be shared publicly by posting the link on Twitter and embedding the link on a website or blog. Other disciplines could easily integrate this artifact into their projects, presentations and on their professional websites.