Thursday, February 2, 2012

TPACK Reflection


Experiencing Sliderocket and TPACK has been very informative in terms of exploring a whole new world of creativity. As an artifact, Sliderocket has taught me that there are a lot more tools in the realm of technology then just Powerpoint.

From this artifact, I was able to learn how to share my presentation globally by linking or embedding the video in a web site or blog. Learning how to stream and record audio throughout the presentation was also pretty nifty. From TPACK, I now understand how important it is to see the connecting relationship between content, pedagogy and technology. The pedagogy used in this artifact taught me how important it is for educators today to effectively use technology such as, Sliderocket and integrate it with other different mediums. Within one presentation, it could include a variety of different videos, songs and written text.

Technology can engage learners in a variety of different ways by emphasizing many intelligences that students have. For example, auditory and visuals learners. This framework is excellent to capture students interests living in the 21st century who are thriving for that one on one technology interaction. Thus, my future students will be given this as my teaching instruction will provide students with what they crave in todays society and that is a chance to use and explore what technology has to offer. From my block experience and this course, I know that I am a future educator who understands how to successfully use technology within a classroom.

Sliderocket can be used in multiple disciplines due to its ability to be shared on the internet and on peoples blogs. The Ministry and school boards can use this for their monthly and/or weekly presentations. By using Sliderocket, people are using TPACK in all disciplines.